About Us

Body Right Fitness is a fitness consulting business that provides well-coordinated exercises with proper techniques to decrease injuries and maximize results. We are your partner, and will work with you to help you achieve your fitness and health needs.

Body Right Fitness is dedicated to teaching and training people on how to improve and/or maintain a fitness lifestyle that brings lasting results. We believe education, motivation, dedication and consistency facilitate and ensure long-term results. Body Right Fitness has over 20 years of experience with extensive Exercise Science experience and background to ensure customers achieve their objectives with limited risks. All of our lifestyle fitness programs are based on the fundamental building blocks of health and fitness. We only utilize training concepts that have been repeatedly proven for their effectiveness over decades of use.

Exercise and Nutrition are just two things that help you get results.  With the additional motivation of a Personal Trainer, you will be on your way to getting toned muscles, becoming stronger, losing weight, improving physical conditioning and decreasing risk of diseases.

About Us

Everyone can be fit and healthy and there are many things that play a role in achieving personal health and wellness.  Factors, such as genetic background, overall state of health, motivation and lifestyle may impact your success.

At Body Right Fitness, we believe that our clients are in charge; we work with all our clients to facilitate and maintain fitness and health success.